Points of Community Safety                  


Criminals hide in the dark.  Street lights should be maintained in good working order.  If you notice a street light that is broken or works only intermittently, you should report it.  Record the lampost number and note the address of the closest house.  The lampost number is located approximately 8 feet above the ground and faces toward the street.  Call City of Elk Grove Public Works Safety and Street Lights Mainteance at 1-800-544-4876.


 When you are at home:

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Problem/Question Phone Number

Alarm noise (car or building) 714-5115

Alarm Ordinance Bureau 874-4616

Alcohol violations (underage drinking) 714-5115

Animal violations (animal waste/land-use violations) 478-2266

Animal violations (barking dogs, loose animals, dangerous/sick/injured/dead animals) 875-5656

Belligerent person 911 or 714-5111

Block Party Permits 478-2240

Buildings (boarded, abandoned, vacant, open and accessible, substandard housing) 478-2266

Bus or bus shelter (damaged) 321-2877

Business licenses 683-7111

Child Abuse Bureau 874-5191

Elk Grove Court general information 685-9825

Elk Grove Teen Center 686-6942

Department of Justice - Firearms 227-3500

Disabled car/motorist 911 or 714-5111

Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) 646-9895

Elk Grove City Hall 683-7111

Fallen tree/debris 875-5171

Family Court 875-3400

Fire Dept (non-emergency open hydrant, suspected arson) 228-3035

Gang Suppression Unit 874-9056

Gas leak (800) 743-5000 or 911

Graffiti 478-8231

Gun Permits 874-5864

Hazardous sidewalk 875-5171

Home occupation (business license) violations 478-2266

Junk, rubbish, weeds, trash, illegal dumping, overflowing dumpster, storage/waste bin violations 478-2266

Mailbox (damaged), post office questions (800) 275-8777

Main County Jail 874-6752

Missing/damaged manhole cover 875-6730

Missing Persons 874-5066

Nuisance bar (business) 714-5115

Parking Enforcement 478-8160

Police report copies (traffic accidents) 478-8140

Police report copies (all other reports) 874-5383

Pools (open and accessible/fence down) 478-2266

Potholes/sinkholes/collapsed street 875-5171

Power lines down/tree limbs in electrical wires 452-3211

Property Warehouse 874-5650

Railroad crossing signal problems (800) 726-1091

Report copies (traffic accidents) 478-8140

Report copies (all reports except traffic accidents) 874-5383

Restraining Orders Info / Classes 874-5064

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center 874-6752

Sign violations 478-2266

Street lights (broken/burned-out) 875-5171

Towing Enforcement 478-8150

Traffic concerns/requests for enforcement 478-8140

Traffic signal light (non-functioning) 875-5171

Trailers (occupied) 478-2266

Uncollected trash/recyclables 875-5555

Unwanted leaflets/advertisements on cars 875-5656

Vectors (rats, cockroaches, bats, fleas, mosquito breeding) 478-2266

Vehicles (abandoned on roadway) 478-8140

Vehicles (parking violations) 977-1813

Vehicles (repossessed) 874-5377

Vehicles (towed) 478-8150

Vehicles (violations on private property inoperative, dismantled vehicles, commercial vehicles on residential property) 478-2266 Warrants Bureau 874-5393

Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE) Crisis Line 920-2952

Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE) Programs & Services 448-2321

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